Download: dancing lose weight – Belly Dancing Course belly,dancing,lose,weight,Belly,Dancing,Course dancing for weight loss – pole dancing courses pole,dancing,for,weight,loss,pole,dancing,courses
Download: dancing for weight loss – pole dancing courses pole,dancing,for,weight,loss,pole,dancing,courses
A middle-aged mum has told how she managed to shed half her body weight after secretly taking up POLE DANCING. Mel Lovell, 48, decided to take up the racy hobby after other failed attempts to slim, including having a gastric band fitted. She signed up for a beginners class in pole dancing without telling her friends or family and found herself hooked – despite tipping the scales at nearly 20 stone. And just over a year later Mel, who runs her own cleaning business in Plymouth, Devon, has lost more than 10 stone.
Belly Dance Cardio Workout for Weight Loss with Leilah Isaac is a sultry 10 minute belly dance fat burn routine that features flowing, total body-toning steps to blast away calories, challenge the core and work multiple muscles simultaneously for a top to bottom makeover. Get your sexy on as you swing your hips side to side on the dance floor with Actress, Dancer & Fitness Expert, Leilah Isaac as she coaches you through this effective fitness routine from the new season of the popular BeFiT Trainer Open House Series! Shake and shimmy off the pounds as you fire up the [More]
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Dance Workout – Salsa Dance Workout – How to Lose Weight at home ================================================= The Lap-dancing Workout Being a mom means foregoing some fun like lap-dancing. Want to remember how it felt like to be young and flexible? You can enroll for a lap-dancing workout. Come on! spoil yourself and tone your core, let loose your inner Lolitta and enjoy a lap dance class. You can squeeze in sometime in between the kid’s baseball practices and some lessons especially on Saturday afternoon. When you visit the workout you might even think of enrolling for pole dancing, or any movement classes [More] Belly Dancing Course Finally, Here’s The System To Help Anyone Learn Belly Dancing From Home and Guarantees Results …
Salsa Dancing Pattern: Cross body lead with Open Break, Duck Under, Romantic Weight Shift, Flare, Inside TurnA free salsa dancing lesson brought to you by SalsaLessons.tvFor more videos like this on how to dance salsa for both leads and follows, visit us at