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I was watching SubZeroExtabyte stream when suddenly he starts twerking! (Okay, his minecraft characters not him). Also Im not monetizing this video therefore .Song list (in order of occurrence) Dance (Ass) Remix – Big Sean (feat. Nicki Minaj) Wide Awake — Katy Perry Sail — Awolnation Somebody That I Used To Know .WARNING! THE VIDEO HAS GOTTEN CUT SHORT, SO I AM SORRY!!! ___CLICK DOWN FOR MORE___ Back with another Speed Art after a long time without .Meeting Subzeroextabyte, Kermitplays, Skydoseminecraft, Bashur AND MORE! IP revealed?!?!?! No ip will be told cause im not that bad of a person XDXD.avi.
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World Most Famous comedy Videos
A Sixty-six year old woman, Huang Yu-ru (黃鈺洳), from Taichung, Taiwan, was sued for making public insults after she repeatedly shook her booty a la Miley Cyrus in front of her neighbor’s door. For half and a month, her neighbor Chang Yi-lan (張一郎) had to tolerate the woman’s strange behavior. The two neighbors are reportedly in constant dispute as Huang constantly complains about Chang’s pipes crossing her roof. The prosecutor determined Huang’s moves as a public insult even though she claimed she was just exercising. ——————————————————– TomoNews is your daily source for top animated news. We’ve combined animation and video [More]
Best twerks ever-Lexy Panterra -so so hot Twerk Lesson [4K] Enjoy 😉
A naked man took to the streets to make sure everyone saw his SURFBORT. SURFBORT.
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