Apresentação de dança eletronica; Shuffle free step e dubstep , Last Legacy.
The Capoeira was created in Bahia by African slaves as a way to defend themselves from abuse, a skill disguised as a pseudo-dance ritual to fool their masters.Today there are Capoeira schools all over Brazil and the world, but especially in Bahia, where slaves were first brought to America, as a way of expressing black pride and keeping their history and culture alive.
Dancer: www.youtube.com ———————————————————————————————- Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com twitter.com Dancer: All Members Of Last Legacy ( Union Brazil Dancers) *Shuffle, Free step, Dubstep* Members In Order: Spectrum (Shuffle) Topera (Shuffle) Drakor (Free step) Nexus (Free Step) Sinyx (Dubstep) Zeux (Dubstep)