Follow the music, admire the art, place yourself inside historic architecture, in Telesur’s “Cultura Latina”. This week’s program, hosted by Mauricio Izquierdo, features the 50th anniversary of Latin America’s comic icon, Mafalda, with a look at the exhibit “The World According to Mafalda”, and a visit to a contemporary art collection at the Latin American Museum of Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA) that fuses art and politics. teleSUR
REYKON – LATINA (Latina) Composer Lyricist: Andres Felipe Robledo Londono, Gustavo López, Rebbeca Marie Gomez, Juan Luis Londoño Arias, David Munoz, Gil Corber, Mauricio Rojas Agudelo, Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson Film Director: Renzo Novelli Producer: Jerickson Jesus M, Sebastian Sanchez, Rodrigo Rolando Mata Marrón, Alvaro Enrique Farias Cabrera © 2020 Ciudad de Dios LLC / Saban Music Group
el mejor stable de la LWC
A review of the most important cultural events in Latin America of the past week, featuring an in-depth look at the region’s cinema, literature, art, and performances, in their contemporary as well as folk expressions.
película acerca de un asistente de medicina psicopata y acosador.
Charismatic, funny and full of life, you can’t help but want to befriend this cutie.
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Trace Latina, la seule émission consacrée aux musiques latines, salsa, merengue, soca, bachata, reggaeton… Avec Roberto Burgos, de Radio Latina. Diffusion le mardi à 21h00 sur TRACE TV, 1ère télévision urbaine, sur le câble, le satellite et l’ADSL.
Welcome Show avec toute l’équipe de Palmyre Loisirs 2013
Follow the music, admire the art, place yourself inside historic architecture, in Telesur’s “Cultura Latina”. In this week’s program, host Mauricio Izquierdo, takes us first to Mexico City, where a Scottish Bagpipe band, comprised of Mexican musicians, is introducing locals to ancient Celtic tunes and then to Quito, where we’re introduced to OchoyMedio, a space for alternative cinema that is attracting quite a following in its attempt to offer quality productions and break the monopoly held by commercial movie theaters. teleSUR
concert à margencel
Fiesta latina en Sydney
Descarga Latina performing at the Luvin the Mambo 1 Year Anniversary Social in Bethesda, MD on February 4th, 2007.