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Grupo Conexion Latina
Bistrot Latin 2004 by Alejandro Rumolino – Victoria Vieyra
Una Hermana Latina acabo de aceptar el islam aqui en Houston, Texas .USA .y son muchas ellas que estan entrando al islam cada dia aqui en el estado de Texas y en todo el parte de USA .viene conmigo para ver que dijo este Hermana sobre el islam ,
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Armando Estrada Escalona à la Casona Latina (Lausanne) le 15/01/2012 Auteur : Patrice Bièvre
Follow the music, admire the art, place yourself inside historic architecture, in Telesur’s “Cultura Latina”. In this week’s program, hosted by Mauricio Izquierdo, we journey to La Paz and Quito where in both cities cultural centers known as Casas de la Cultura are celebrating another year of preserving and promoting local culture and art and making them available to the people.
de Santiago de Cuba, fils spirituel de Compay Segundo et du Buena Vista Social Club (chant, guitare), accompagné d’artistes cubains ou autres, dont Mambi Arguelles Puey (percussions) et Sandrine Cornut (violoncelle)
Follow the music, admire the art, place yourself inside historic architecture, in Telesur’s “Cultura Latina”. This week’s program, hosted by Mauricio Izquierdo, begins in Argentina, where the cultural industries market is allowing new talents to show their work, then the fantastic rhythms of the Afro Peruvian communities from the beginning of the XX century in the ‘Duelo de Malambo’ play.
Sylvie et François TRIMARCHI, une salsa endiablée. François est mon senseï au club de Chateau Neuf de Grasse, il est ceinture noire de Salsa avec son épouse Sylvie qui est professeur de Danse ! Retrouvez là sur sa page Facebook :
For its fifth edition, the Fiesta Latina once more fulfilled its public by giving him a complete change of scene. A unique opportunity to immerse itself in a typical Latino atmosphere. A free festival not to miss, which takes place every summer on the place du Châtelain and its neighboring streets.
FEEL THE SUMMER !!! Elektro latino house mix by HafDer. Listen, download and share 😉 Thanks, Free download and playlist :