Dance and Be Fit Brazilian Body Kimberly Mig
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season: 4 Episode: 11 Brandi and Carlton drunkenly pole dance, but it’s no party for Lisa when she skips Kim’s daughter’s graduation. Ranked 3.60 / 5 | 1 views | 0 comments Dance and Be Fit Brazilian Body Kimberly Miguel Mullen, James Wvinner. It’s a captivating, fun, fat-burning good time! This fabulously fun and enchanting program reveals the secret to obtaining that lean, sexy Brazilian body. By using elements of Brazil’s heart-pounding, steamy dances such as the Maculele, Samba Reggae, and Capoeira, this workout targets all your trouble spots while burning fat and calories to deliver amazing results. You’ll learn simple, flowing steps and incorporate hip circles and torso pops. The authentic, pulsating Brazilian music sets the rhythm; add your personal style and flair and you’ve got your own Carnival. So [More]