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World famous Sexy Anat is Belly Dancing at the International competition of Belly Dancers where she captured the First Place in professional Belly Dancing.
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In Brazil in a festival, a young woman drunk in white dress is completely loose. The festival-in a miserable state lets totally go to the sound of electro music, despite his sense of balance completely altered, it performs very bold moves. As a finale, the young woman suddenly starts to roll in the mud. A great performance! belly dance movements – Belly Dancing Course learn,belly,dance,movements,Belly,Dancing,Course
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When doing undulation, first lift your chest up by contracting your muscles and then contract the muscles in your belly to bring the movement back down.In Egyptian belly dancing, an undulation is a common movement that starts with a chest circle and ends with engaging the abs to push the lower back backwards .SHAKIRA DANCE. To do the chest circle, youll need to isolate your chest in two different ways. Discover how to isolate your chest to properly do a chest circle with tips from a . dancing for fitness – Belly Dancing Course belly,dancing,for,fitness,Belly,Dancing,Course
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this video is of a Arab girl dancing and singing a Arab song nice beauty that singing and dancing
Children Dancing Reggae (Sao Luis Ma,Brazil)
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This video shows you how to belly dance for more videos please visit
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