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Varun seems to be having more fun promoting the film than shooting it. Watch this video to see how he gave a lap dance to Nargis!
Lap dance on Dance Central 3
After learning Jenna Dewan Tatum frequented strip clubs with Janet Jackson when dancing for her, James earns a nice tip from Norman Reedus for his strip . So, at Wizard World Atlanta 2014, After i met Norman Reedus and cried. We went to Keith Brooks from AMCs The Walking Deads booth. Then that happened.James asks Norman Reedus about his chicken prank on Andrew Lincoln while filming The Walking Dead, and Reggie has a question about Daryl Dixons famed .
Chunariya Jaan Marele – Hot Bhojpuri Video Song 2014 HD
Check out her moves at around the 25 second mark… and just about the entire video. Thai lady pole dance in phuket
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“Happy Birthday” Salsa Dance
Brazilian city of empire Portugal- Brazil
Brazilian city of empire Portugal- Brazil
A documentary film project called “DNA Africa” is reconnecting Brazil’s Afro-Descendants with their African roots through DNA tracing. Half of the 10 million African slaves shipped across the Atlantic Ocean ended up in Brazil. Today over 100 million Brazilians are black or of mixed race. Around 150 of them, mainly black activists, will figure in the documentaries more than a century after slavery officially ended in the country. The tests are being done in Washington by a country called African Ancestry, with a database of over 30,000 indigenous Africans. teleSUR
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