El viento está provocando que las llamas avancen muy rápidamente
Enllaç notícia: http://www.elnacional.cat/ca/politica/video-entrevista-oriol-junqueras-10-respostes_187557_102.html
Pau Gasol acompañado de su mujer e hija ha recibido este miércoles la Creu de Sant Jordi de manos del presidente de la Generalitat, Pere Aragonès en un solemne acto en la Generalitat. (Fuente: Imágenes Cedidas)
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Ejercito fuerte de brazil Forçes brazilian
Brazilian city of empire Portugal- Brazil
Brigas de torcida – Brazilian hooligans Brazil
Brazilian city of empire Portugal- Brazil
Imatges inèdites de dofins molars alimentant-se en xarxes de pesca al Cap de Creus
Brazilian city of empire Portugal- Brazil
Brazilian city of empire Portugal- Brazil
A documentary film project called “DNA Africa” is reconnecting Brazil’s Afro-Descendants with their African roots through DNA tracing. Half of the 10 million African slaves shipped across the Atlantic Ocean ended up in Brazil. Today over 100 million Brazilians are black or of mixed race. Around 150 of them, mainly black activists, will figure in the documentaries more than a century after slavery officially ended in the country. The tests are being done in Washington by a country called African Ancestry, with a database of over 30,000 indigenous Africans. teleSUR
Motorhead – Going to Brazil – Brazil 2009
Hot Brazil Show Series: Brazilian Party