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Learn to salsa dance for beginners. This walkthrough video will help you learn how to salsa dance and provide you aof salsa dance lessons that will teach you the basics steps to salsa dancing, right turns, cross body leads and the cross body lead 180. After pricing this salsa lesson a few times you will be able to do all the salsa moves that we show you at the beginning of the salsa video. For more free salsa dance lessons, check out our page at: \r
Salsa Lessons Shortcuts:\r
1:07 Basics Steps On1 Timing\r
3:20 Dancing with a Partner\r
4:17 Salsa Right Turn On1\r
5:17 Leading a Right Turn in Salsa Dancing\r
6:05 The Cross Body Lead\r
7:48 Cross Body Lead – Side Angle\r
8:10 Leading a Cross Body Lead\r
8:50 Cross Body Lead with Turn\r
9:12 Shanay Turns in Salsa\r
10:08 Cross Body Lead with Turn Steps\r
11:02 Cross Body Lead with Turn in Partnerwork\r
11:37 Cross Body Lead 180


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