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Hello peeps!

So I came across this song through many YouTube Dance Channels and thought to make my version of it because I loved it, obviously!
The Song Calma Remix by Pedro Capó, Farruko has become so popular among the dancers.
It has all those Latin vibes and so I decided to make a Salsa Video on it!
Thank you Priyam Sharma to put this piece together with me, it’s been so nice dancing with you after a long time….

Choreographed and performed by: Shreeja and Priyam
Shot by: Priyam Sharma and Ashwin Verman
Edited by: Shreeja

I hope you guys like it!


Pratham Gaikwad says:

Bhai gane ke liye like kiya mera favorite song hai varna dance to g**"**d thi

Photogangie says:

This is definitely not salsa the style they are dancing is more bachata than anything. I did not see a single salsa move in the entire dance.

Wadocan says:

dance feels very off-sync with the music
good dancers tho

Riley Imsong says:

I needed this

Darius Barreto says:

Great. But, isn't it bachata?.(not the dance steps, but the music)

Debashis Das says:

Very hard dance it is…I think…but you performed it smoothly.

jeshus fernandes says:

Guy should have worn formals….the steps would look more sharp…nd perfect….the chick was incredible ❤

Rejoe Alexander says:

Wow… Awesome yaar… Love it…

Kritika Pachisia says:

shreee..u rock man!!

Kanishk Devesh Sharma says:

The grace, the moves… God this was so smooth! Loved every second of it. Amazing, Shree. It's so beautiful!

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