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Lea Elui Ginet Old Belly Dance TikTok / Videos Compilation – | The Best Léa Elui Ginet Musically Collection. #tiktok #leaelui #teamlea

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Paola Dejesus says:

song?? minuto..50

Jessica Barbosa says:

Je t'adore

Lametrica Melton says:

Them 7 dislikes are jealous that they cannot belly dance

Josèm Salinas says:

Q hermosa ss soy tu fan #1

Violet Rose says:

Came for the cringe … wasn’t disappointed

Sabrin Ahmed says:

I like our Paul, can you give me a box, I like a boss iPad, I like airports and all, which one would you use for iPhone, iPhone 6, I don't know if I can come night to my iPhone

Kimberley Breton says:

Léa elui ou habite tu car j'ai un pote qui dit qu'il habite juste à côté de chez toi

TheAngel Kitty says:

Please post yourself

Perilous Demoiselle says:

What was the title of this song??2:49

M J امرح معنا says:

Who is love lea… me

Amreen R says:

Which song is in1:58

Elianys Cruz says:

Shes so talented idk why stop these types of dancing

MebeKyra 9000 says:

Will you ever do a face reveal?

Anela says:

2:52 is not old it was like 2 or 3 months ago

karla karol mejez says:

Lea tu es trooooooos belle enfin comme toujours i love you tu eres la mas bonita del mundoooo te quierooo♡♡♡♡♡

Yismairy Lilisbeth Mejia Vasquez says:

I watch all these before but I love it

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