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Programme website: Georgia May Foote & Giovanni Pernice Salsa to ‘You Make Me Feel’ by Sylvester

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Juan Pablo Tolaba says:

Ya sabemos en donde se inspiro TInelli para hacer ShowMatch

Marion Kennedy says:


Ian Honey says:

Damn, she’s pretty!

Juli Sol Garcia says:

This is not salsa omg

Santi Anzo says:

Why do they dance salsa with this music that is not salsa? Dont get it

Ismael Vargas Sandoval says:

Nada que ver eso mo es salsa

Damo live says:

He was like a brother to me or lover oh sorry.

Boy Jules says:

Giovanni has aged really well, looks like a baby here!!!!!!

Kayla Attenbrough says:

So cool nice dance

Emma Griffiths says:

did nobody even mentioned that they did the dirty dancing lift without needing to build up any momentum with a run up to it?

BipolarForJesus says:

love his shiny shoes, yes! They are both SO sexy!

hernandezrivas says:

Georgia is SEXY AS HELL!! OHH BABY!!

Jakecob Partyman says:

loved slasa great dancer

Stacey Mooney says:

well done Georgia

Noy Woods says:

i love THIS SHOW

dong dong says:

Georgia and Giovanni are gone on a trip to Florida and Disney land

Raul Soria says:

they are a great dancers, but the music is not salsa, just the music is not right, the dance is fantastic

Hamish McPenguin says:

She was robbed.

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