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Stream “Girl Code EP” featuring “Twerk ft. Cardi B”

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Music video by City Girls performing Twerk. © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


richardpozon says:

Nothing can beat anaconda by nicki minaj.

Nero garrix says:

Nastya nass…the queen of twerk

ThatShortClipLife Youdontneedtoknowthat says:

I enjoyed it. Put a smile on my face. It was all about having fun. I see y’all representing big bootys. Ain’t no shame in that. I have a small ass but I admire all bootys. Women in general and all of our wonders. Twerkkk!!!!

Aeron Loney says:

This song puts anaconda to shame

Meenakshi xo says:

After watching this music video, I feel like I can now twerk…….

In my dreams.

Khalil Al Khayr says:

What is the bae name in the zebra suit daaaam

Marquis Haynes says:

Eyes..cant…keep up…so much…ass….dont know where to look…..nice song though

King Jared says:

i also want a fine woman wit some twerk with her

ነቃፊ ዩቲዩብ ናሆም ፊያካ ኢየ says:

What is this

wackymikey15マイクザ says:

All of them gonna break they back for twerking too much but i only came for the ass

Zarah Ellem says:

wtf is the chick doing at 3:18

fish tank noob says:

Aside from the bootys its lit too!!

Ashoikie Saunders says:

This is the video that had priority over her court hearing ? Cardi you are something else.

Carlos Green says:

Will get flewed out..lmao

MsVorhees says:

Do it, baby, stick it, baby
Move it, baby, lick it, baby SUCK UP ON THAT CLIT UNTIL THAT PUSSY GOTTA HICKY BABY!! LMAOOOO idk why that just gets me soo hype!!!! XD

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