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matt j says:

Pause again

Catherine Daya says:

A question to the Mandem… don’t u wish u were the cameraman?

umulkhayr a.y.c. says:

pleas react to Logic Keanu Reeves it fire

JMIZZLE7 says:

Thats Choppa sample ….that's who singing the hook

Wet Ink says:

Girls tweaking. ……pause

Over Itseriously says:

Why the light skinned one look like the Jabari war mask in Black Panther?

Ashley's crazy Life says:

They sampled choppa style they took apart out and lit that bitch up

Sunshine Dimples says:

The sample is CHOPPA STYLE

Stephy Jayde says:

They was talking and pausing it too much.

Michelle Fajemisin says:

New subscriber

Michelle Fajemisin says:

Ya'll are funny.

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