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Having fun in Pole dance studio M, Kranj 🙂
(we do not own the rights for music)


Marilyn Monroe says:

Seria legal se elas fizessem POLE DANCE e não ficassem se esfregando no chão…

Bailey Plympton says:

Is this on static or spinning pole?

Marie Pavlíčková says:

spin or static?
BTW: Amazing girls <3

Kayla Rissmiller says:

i currently am a pole dancer

Isabel Vera says:

Great choreo, the black socks girl's moves were a-m-a-z-i-n-g smooth af

itsmy name its my name says:

studio M, Kranj making dads proud before its was cool

Natalia Panic says:

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your work.

Madiisme Hehe says:

I can’t wait to be a stripper when I grow up

Tori & Zack says:

Omg you are so good

Oncee LC says:

Mucha descordinacion pero coreografía bonita

Cheryl Clark says:

this is art and all things that are just beautifull

Eva Massard says:

Really good ! Good job, thanks for sharing it 🙂

Rosie Coles says:

This is great! Love how the choreo actually relates to the music instead of just doing tricks in time 🙂 Great going ladies!

Ana Karolina says:

simplesmente amei lindas

J Gildz says:

Awesome choreo! So great w the song! Just great ladies

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