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In this episode of 30 Days to Greatness, Azadeh learns just how much upper body strength it takes to be a pole dancer. Watch her learn how to pole dance in 30 days.

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Learning to Pole Dance In 30 Days | Glamour


Dominique Flagg says:

I’m in love with the coach ❤️

Serafima Vakulenko says:

moves are too easy….she could learn more in 30 days)

Chloe Nicole says:

“MILK IT” love her haha

orangebaby126 says:

I love your coach and she is full of energy and did great

Hope Gooch says:

I would love her as my coach!!!

Pretty Nena says:

Oh he'll I'm so doing it !!!

Stefano Madeline says:

Dat teacher is terrify

L E A says:

Wie komm ich hier her

The Mika says:


Диана Уолкер says:

I am a pole dance and….what is she teaching you, you could've learned at least one trick, a few easy spins is not pole dacing, it can be used as a warm up not more

kandi x-ta-c. says:

Who do I call to install a pole?!?

Gabbie Simmons says:

I realy want to do this with one of my friends when I move out after high school, it looks like a fun way to get exercise.

shaolin kitty says:

Omg I want to learn to pole dance. And do that split

Christianna Taylor says:

I'm going to take lessons for sure.

fox_in _xxs_clothes says:

Did you have a spinning pole or a solid one?

Yaa Yaaa says:

she's so cute

Ayyy Its Alphy says:

I’m 12 and while I’ve never experienced a “stripper pole” I have climbed up enough playground metal poles and spun down (only holding on with my legs not my hands) them enough times to tell you that climbing the pole won’t be that bad maybe a little at first but not so much

Danyelle Lopez says:

Omg that teacher girl can move

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