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Latina Presenters Dancing | Presentadoras latina bailando

Two conductors from Nicaragua are making it talk on all social networks thanks to a viral YouTube video. What happened? It turns out that these beautiful presenters were caught at the precise moment they performed a y dance during the commercials of their television space. Keep reading this note to learn more.

Karly Fornos and Alejandra Urbina, protagonists of YouTube’s viral video, were resting in the commercials when they suddenly heard one of their favorite songs. They did not think twice and began to move their hips with a lot of rhythm.

As expected, this YouTube video went around the world in a matter of hours and is already a viral phenomenon; He also left the netizens in shock. “Those presenters always waste sensuality,” one user wrote.

This viral YouTube video has about one million views. It also has thousands of likes and comments. Did you like this gallery?


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