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Since beginning my pole dance journey I have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing and gorgeous individuals. People fighting for their dreams, improving their health and lives, sharing love and knowledge and most of all celebrating their gifts and unlocking the abilities contained with the vast variety of our amazing unique bodies. You are all gorgeous to me in your uniquely individual ways. Do something this weekend that makes you feel sexy, empowered, alive, at peace or free and relish in the gorgeousness of living… you deserve it 😉
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Chelsea Marie says:

Anyone know the song name/remix?

earlyriser68 says:

At :40 seconds in I like that spin and floating movement. I could watch that and your whole dance routine for hours. Some great power moves, relaxing, and thought evoking.

Sophie Adams says:

God damn, so good!
What is this song too btw?

The Brown Guy says:

u make me disbeleive gravity

Itsmejust Liza says:

This is more porn than pole dance… don't like it

Katey Jennel says:

When dancing on a pole is it a must to dress like a hooker

Gabino Garcia says:

I'm not pole dancer but is it me or does a true stripper dance on a pole that doesn't spin around with the stripper?

Buck Futter says:

Can we get a sling video i see it

A Mittal says:

I have never seen better than this, you are master in this art.

nikky1793 says:

what brand is your pole? love your vids btw. you are beautiful and very talented. hope to be as good and strong as you one day

ashley lee says:

i love the moves on this ive always wandered how they stay on it and go around like that you are awesome good work i love the outfit too

Robert Jensen says:

your beautiful. Keep dancing.

Shyanne Newell says:

your transactions are so freaking good

samiulizer says:

what kind of strength is that?

Kumaran Jitendra says:

So talented. So gorgeous too. I can stare at your legs all day long.

Lindachka_ says:

Ava you are amazing !

Eva Massard says:

this was AMAZING !

theresa madrona says:

sweet set up

Anahi Zamudio says:

Who sings the song?

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