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In this video, professional dancer Rebecca Blomberg will lead you through easy-to-follow salsa steps designed to help beginners work up a sweat. Get ready to get toned while you shake it!


Go Girls says:

Would be very good if the instructor was not facing the camera, was way too hard to follow front on.

Kay Taylor says:

Instructions were excellent except that left and right are reversed which make the whole thing almost too confusing to be useful. The comments from the students were distracting. I would love to see more lessons from Rebecca Blomberg without students who comment and without the left-right confusion.

D Jean says:

Nice, but the commentaries in the background was annoying

Dhira DiBiase says:

Great! Please turn around so we are behind you!

Melchezadec 1 says:

Everybody learns differently and I am partial to this video because of the speed. Even if you are a beginner, moving too slow does not give the student a sense of rhythm. Good job!

Luantv md says:

Nice but difficult to follow instructions

jayzilla617 says:

How the HELL am I supposed to concentrate with her fine ass in the front!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

TheCrazyHeidi says:

Love the lady in the back that asks questions – just like beginners would do if they tried to follow the instructor in the front 🙂
It was extremely informative, thank you!

Ксения Федосеева says:

Thank you girls!:) nice routine

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