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Belly Dance Compilation 2017

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Cringet says:


Angel M. says:

Baila mejor enyadres la de pelo largo guerro y pans

Angel M. says:

3 y la 4 no pueden todas si pueden

la yosse says:

1:26 para amo me gustó este

# FatekING says:

wengie is the only one who is appropriate in the vid. She is an thats age appropriate….and her dance isnt like those other really young girls who try to dance like they grown

Atm Morrison says:

What is the song at 8:27

Dominik Salata says:

9 30 song is Damn Mommy "Show Up Like Wolf"

ZoZa Alshmary says:

What is the name of 0:23 song please

Miryam Flores Patricio says:

como se llama de 4:12 porfa quien lo save

Grace Villanueva says:

0:48 trough 0:58 she was nit ashamed of herself you could see the shape of her private

Grace Villanueva says:

0:32 I'm not judging but u could see her underwear (it was blue) like if u agree

Bubs Reptiles says:

The very first girl was terrible LMFAO this video needs the title changed LMFAO only like 3 or 4 girls actually did it right LMFAO!!!!

Cesar Pereyra says:

Como se llama la segunda canción

curso 12-4 says:

como sellama <iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Marilu Cruz says:

I didnt know that wengie was there

Annie Avery says:


Pele Halalilo says:

The second one was the best

Wild Child122 says:

2:40 muser????

April Barlow says:

That 4th girl duz not know how to belly dance

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