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21diamondMaestro says:

Cool video is a cool dance

ciel etoiletg says:

D,mn! the balance, the speed and the beauty this video amazed me !
ps: you look beyond gorgeous!

Freemountain says:

How is this spin called?

Arte Mis says:

How tall is she?

Olga Aksenova says:

Очень круто

Ariel Rust says:

Fukkin' A Amazon Amazing

Нигер африканский says:

все места у тебя шикарны, немного замедлить темп – и любой мужик готов будет кинуть все к твоим ножкам

Vanity Activist/Singer/Dancer/Author says:

Great job sister!!!

Allison B says:

this was amazing

Wouter van Niekerk says:

My gosh, you have such natural beautiful moves. keep it up.

Iris Šipuš says:

Wow, this is perfection.

Charisma Mitchell says:

Her Technique is Remarkable!! Where do i get those heels from? Style, mode number, brand?


esta hermosa mujer es como si fuera poeta en le baile

Sheila Marie says:

WOW! Love watching girl in action. I started pole about 10 months ago and just finally got my "Phoenix " a few weeks ago. I can't wait to be able to make it look as cool as this chick does. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

Sofie Josefsson says:

Wow, insane! Her body is just pure muscles and so flexible! And she has such great control over it :O I can't even imagine how long she must have practiced….

World Turns Backwards says:


Giuly V says:

cuánta fuerza

Rocco Siffredi says:


Сделай Себя Сам says:

подскажите трэк пожалуйста! спасибо!

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