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libra085 says:

Holy fuck. The last thing on my mind is learning how to dance Brazilian funk.

Princess Mirah says:

They could seriously pay bills with this talent

Madison Curie says:

I'm trying to learn what she did at 0:28

Riley Elbakano says:

Wow. Estas mujeres breasileras están bien hermosas. Bien duras. Bien gruesas. Bien sexi. Bien sensual. Porque? Que comen? Jajaja

Shaiyino Mendoza says:

Omg she's so pretty lol

simone griffiths says:

I'm sorry but that's the same shit they do every where I'm from Jamaica and winning came from Jamaica but she go but of beat

Rhayssa Martins says:

Muito exagerado os movimentos mas o corpo da moça é bonito

Ama Ayomide says:

cultural appropriation.
this is African Brazilian dance.

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