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The Best Belly Dance Muser Battle. Léa Elui Ginet Vs yt.ona ( Hailo )
Enjoy & thanks for watching!!

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Nevaeh Sky says:

Both are really good

Nevaeh Sky says:

Ona like if you pick ona

「ashuramaru」 says:

I like both 🙂

Neeraj Kumar says:

Lea elui❤❤❤

ace Tu says:

i think they both did lovely

Maxine Bagolhorn says:

Obviously ona

Sqeaks Animation says:

I'm f a s c i n a t e d

Ronnda Smith says:

Lea elui at 2:13 was soo good so im going with her

Damaris Flores says:

Léa Elui Ginet

Dominique Richardson says:

I’m sorry but lèa won just by the first vid I can tell who already won

CA 2026Pangelinan says:

It kinda looked like that Léa Elui and Hailo copied each other. Doesn't it???

Lexi Rojo says:

Ona won don't argue


Lea elui tutta la vita..

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