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I don’t know how to Twerk for my boyfriend so I’ll need Lexy Panterra for help on this one.

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Josh Chaval says:

The twerk is strong with her

Ahmed Izanagi says:

Bruh tf are these white girls doing?

Kristy Flowers says:

Want to hear some crazy shit? The first time I ever have anything put in my ass was by a girl, me and my boyfriend got this stripper to have a threesome with , I was sucking my man's dick and she was squeezing my ass cheek , And all of a sudden out of nowhere I felt some sort of lube being rubbed on my asshole, right after that she stuck her middle finger right up my ass lmao

James Marshburn says:

twerk with your underwear down and take your shirt off and your bra

OneSh0t TV says:

Its hard to write with one hand

Monscent says:

God women are dumb.

Doyle Hargraves says:

I don't believe it for a second. Those 2 chicks are way too hot to be twerking for Sanford and Son on her phone. Bullshit.

Tatyel TV Entertainment says:

Esa mujer esta con el diablo

Turhan Henderson says:

So the moral of the story is, he watching other girls twerk while he has a whole girlfriend? He ain't shit…

Calico XXII says:

Run niggarun!! Get it!!!

leonard2146 playz roblox says:

mmm yeah this makes my boner grow

aflam a says:

Watch my channel

Lee Pohan says:

Is this a cut from a porno intro…? Feels like the context was cut off abruptly and there's no ending.

steven sims says:

That is ghetto af I bet they both have a std from banging black guys.

Johannes Mvula says:

The guy was treacked by his oooow shit.

arduhyp says:


Johnny Riouse says:

What song is that??

luisisco Elodie says:

Let me see That blonde dare

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