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BEST POLE DANCER EVER…? – Phuket, Thailand 2016

Enjoy! … An amazingly Sexy Thai Pole dancer from Phuket, Thailand. Due to popular demand I’ve made this video.

She’s been in the outro for the ‘Bangkok 112’ channel videos for a couple of months and I keep on getting messages about her. The way she moved was like a dream. She owned the show wherever she was and I was completely hypnotised every time I was watching her!

Some of theses clips are from the Patong VLOG series from this channel, and some of the clips were deleted scenes. This vid is largely unedited so it’s all in here.

Her change in costume from white to red to black was due to footage being recorded on different nights.

The bars in this video were the in Tiger Complex and also the Crazy Horse Circus bar on Bangla Road, Patong.

Bangla Road is the centre of nightlife for the popular holiday destination of Phuket.

It’s a great place for bar hopping, with many regular bars, beer bars, gogo bars, live music bars and nightclubs all on one street!

The 2 clips at the very end were from Tai Pan nightclub in Patong.

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Patong Girls, Phuket 2016

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1st song
Cartoon – On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) [NCS Release]
Daniel Levi (vocalist):

2nd song
Spektrem – Shine [NCS Release]
Follow Jesse Warren (Spektrem):


Jessica Strudwick says:

You are amazing and beautiful

Polecat 425 says:

0:58 pause so sexy

Ramon Quiray says:

How does it feel to have a awesome stripper gurl?

Dexter's gaming lab says:

She spin like a tornado and how did I get here

Jessica Ervin says:

Seen way better than that but I want her she's the worst but still I wouldn't say she was the best either

Erica Billings says:

Ok. First of all, it's called a spinning pole, she's wearing over the knee VINYL boots because they literally stick to the pole. Notice how she keeps kicking off that thing to gain momentum, as well? Yrs, she's good, but from a dancer please understand there are tricks behind the tricks and she's not great.

Kizzy Peetermans says:

Is that a man?

Kawii puppy I love pigs and puppy's says:

What song is this cuz I love this song

StripedPanda says:

I would actually break my neck if I tried. This must take so much work and effort. She must be really committed.

William Green says:

I love pole dans

Au Chanel. Fantastique! says:

I'd honestly wish that I could do this

Cumberpatch Fingerbottom says:

Asians have the worst ass. Gross

jagim1 says:

her name is little rain works at crazy horse

Tahir Rana says:

Transgender male 2 female, your being decieved!

Ian Excalibur says:

Obviously you haven't seen the pole danceing world championships, the girl on this video is average……

Aman jaiswal says:

Which song is this?

um hello i guess says:

1:24 i was so scared she would hit someone with her heel

Kim D says:

I wouldn't call her the 'best pole dancer' but she certainly is talented

Spirit Wolf gamer57 says:

I like shoes

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