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[안무] 레이샤 LAYSHA _ “Despacito” SEXY Dance Cover (Luis Fonsi ft. Justin Bieber)
Official Dance:
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louis a molang says:

노래랑 매치가 안되는데….

Mạnh An Duy says:

VN diem danh nao :))

BK Dare Devils says:

Bout To Beat My Meato

Yun C says:

not much dancing going on..?

Kallahari Hartanto says:

2:14 wtf?

Gordon Griggs says:

I'd eat them all then fuck them all

H1Jonathan says:

hermoso baile .. pésima canción ..

cyril met says:

Laysha ? it's a profesionnal group normally …
they should watch the Duo Waveya, they are hot and perfect with the synchronization, Laysha dawn it's really far far of them …

rakna 78 says:


Greindalf says:

am I the only one who stare at those zippers??

문해준 says:

가수인지 창녀인지..

sath tep says:


I.M all in suga says:

Should have used the original song lol

Diego Mantaro Vilchez Carhuamaca says:

laysha sexy sensuales

VlogsGamingMusic says:

sexy girls alway's put a smile on my FACE !

Ervin Nieves says:

So so beautiful and feminine….sexy at its Korean finest. Their bodies are the most perfect in K-pop — tied with others, but second to none!

MMM 005 says:

I love them… she so pretty❤

Mel só Mel says:

"Este vídeo não está disponível."…

Q raivaaaaaaaaa

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