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Lele Pons and Victor Da Silva Instagram Videos. Enjoy it 😀


Kwon Ji yong says:

Victor silva muito lindo

katleen rouso says:

I would totally ship victor and lele i


I'm your big fan 1000000 lele pons

Carlota Angeline says:

a 14 zuricatas no le gusta esto XDDDDDDDD

Mativa Lefiti says:

I laugh when lele was carried that was cool

chloe V.B says:

@autumn Gomes bum bum Granada.

Socorro Chamu says:

what is the song oh and i want to marry that guy

Jennifer Del Rosario says:

Ship name victor+lele= #vicle

niyoo says:

HE waaants heeet

Drumeakas Harris says:

He is a show off

Trinity Gayle says:

does any body know the songs at the part of vid 1:04 1:12 1:20

Nita Vargas says:

Camila Angelina izabella

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