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A compilation of some of the fun social dancing we taped on Friday night at the 2016 New York Salsa Congress. Thanks to all awesome dancers in this video! …thanks for watching, like, share, and susbcribe! 🙂

More about New York Salsa Congress:


Bryan Torres says:

song at 2:00 plz

Gabe Stagg says:

They all sucked. They had no rhythm

Al An says:

Do anyone know the names of the first dancing couple in the beginning of video? They are so creative in style

The One says:

dancin like a white guy

TheManChise says:

Turns turns and more Turns..

Hugo says:

Es que ya nadie baila al ritmo de la musica?

Al An says:

The first couple in video were sensational :-). What are the names of the first dancers and they professional Salsa Dancers?

david garcia says:

that guy at 5:50…please, dont ever do that again. thats worse than drakes dance move

hombre83 says:

What is the name of the song at 1:50 please ?

Juan Pérez says:

Minuto 10:58 es son y marcan salsa, también unos segundos en 4:535:19, es son y le siguen dando a la salsa

Javier Figueroa says:

Tienen qué aprender a movérsele al ritmo de la música

Javier Figueroa says:

No yo creía que bailaban

tu Papá says:

minuto 4.49 Eddie torres viendo nada mas jajajajajajjajaja inche Eddie ya te ves ridículo ya retírate

The Laughing Lion says:

nueva york baby!!

Jaime Milla Rurush says:

con todo respeto que canciones mas basicas, y que estilos tan mecanizados

Luis says:

que gran diferencia ver a NERY GARCIA BAILANDO ,,,aqui estos hombres que mal lucen,, por eso sigo el estilo de NERY ,,,UN CABALLERO EN EL BAILE,,,,

llera H says:

llorarás llorarás, como lo sufrí yo! …. salsa de la buena

Janet Yanez-Rivera says:

Very good, and dancing on a rug!

Blackx Blackx says:

nice but NY salsa is not following songs rhythm. Most couples dancing out of rhythm. Only Cuban Salsa has it.

talia841951 says:

0:56 I hate it when guys do that

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