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Lelepons new instagram post


James Mendoza says:

Whats the name of the 3rd song

M and R 4life Life says:

Latinas are better

Sophia Rivas says:

Latinas win #Latinasforlife

e_girls says:

Latina! go girl!

Ebony Manwarring says:

if u are watching this video in 2017 and voting for latina like this comment

gisell_hernandez 101 says:

what the name of the first latina sing

Angel Diaz says:

I go for latinas

Angel Diaz says:

luv how the latians dance

Allison Hernandez says:

I'm a Latina and Latinas are really cool so Latinas

Isabella Glines says:

the gringa team was only dancing well because it was the same girls but if they were dancing against somone different then they would've beat thier Ass

heaven of cuteness says:

What are.all of the Latina songs

Bari Lilou says:

I f you want the songs :
-Low by Flo Rida (thanx marajade Skywalker)
-Culo by Pitbull
-Rompe by Daddy Yankee

kaushalaya madushani says:

can you please tell me the names of the songs all please all four I love them and the way you dance

Andres Rivera says:

im Latina end duh I'm voting for Latinas!!

mekkaoui jamila says:

4th song's name??

Vipul Jaswal says:

what is name 3rd song?

eeveelola says:

Well all
Of them

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