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Kizomba demonstration performed at Vivas Nightclub 15th Feb 2012 with Felix & Iris


Fred Taylor says:

Where do I sign up for class?

Christopher Carr says:

Song: Vanda May – Nao Me Tarraxa (Pinamusic Kizomba Remix)

Nasypanej says:

Name song please? 🙂

Maiame Oliveira says:

Me apaixonei por essa danca

Laï Assani says:

<3 My favourite kizomba dance <3

PonuryDrwal says:

Ależ pańcia ma nogi… ^^ <wow>

Sosanna Young says:

Vanda May – Nao Me Tarraxa (Kizomba) Or this one. Lol. Love the song, and I loved watching you Felix and Iris. <3

DJ Gregory Lebeau Officiel says:


Bailar Kizomba says:

Club is called Vivaz. Where to learn, At Latin Dance Central 🙂

alom08221981 says:

Where is this club. I want to learn

Fabio Correia says:

The original song is: Vanda May- Não me tarracha

But the one in the video, is some sort of remix

Inmer Citalan says:

Thats not the song. I need to know the song name pls…

a perkins says:

can someone please tell me the name of this song or who its by. Im thinking Neuza by im no quite sure

ti ka says:

does anyone have the name of this song? por favor!?

Gato Felix says:

well thanks! @darbet83 as stipulated it is a demo which in essence "IS" steps. We are doing a routine @312ines soon and will post it up shortly. but thanks for the feedback:)

darbet83 says:

ok the video of you doing Kizomba ..otherwise ..what kind of steps are they doing !!!! baby… that was a sweet example and demo of kizomba ..and well stepped to demo the steps of this mans flavour of Kizomba !!! love it

312ines says:

This was just steps, kizomba is much more than this…

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