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Belly Dance Cardio Workout for Weight Loss with Leilah Isaac is a sultry 10 minute belly dance fat burn routine that features flowing, total body-toning steps to blast away calories, challenge the core and work multiple muscles simultaneously for a top to bottom makeover. Get your sexy on as you swing your hips side to side on the dance floor with Actress, Dancer & Fitness Expert, Leilah Isaac as she coaches you through this effective fitness routine from the new season of the popular BeFiT Trainer Open House Series! Shake and shimmy off the pounds as you fire up the abs & obliques and sculpt lean definition in the shoulders, hips, thighs, legs, glutes chest and arms with result driven moves like oblique stretches, shimmies, hip circles, hamstring stretches, shoulder rolls, hand stretches, arm waves, pistol drops, mayas, side steps, snake arm squats and more in this effective full body dance routine. Take this workout with you anywhere for a quick, core-strengthening tune-up and make the moves your own. You will need a towel and a bottle of water to complete this fierce workout that is great for all skill levels. Move your body to the beat and get the results you are looking for with BeFiT. Click here for workouts from your favorite trainers:

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annie flynn says:

I lasted about 30 seconds

Jonny M says:

very sexy navel piercing!

falliswell says:

Love this but would have appreciated it slower so I can work on form! I also would love a longer workout from you 🙂

Karylle Anne says:

This is so fun!!! Love this

Rebecca-Louise says:

Wow! Never tried belly dancing but now I want to!

ItGirl says:

so fun the video went by too fast!! ❤❤❤

Sherri Berry says:

I've always wanted to learn to belly dance. I'm excited to try this tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration.

nicolesmith6390 s says:

this was so fun

nicole Star says:

holy crap this is awesome !!!

Sapna Sharma says:

nice easy step full core workout

Jim Brown says:

she's so hot!!

Lᴏs Iɴɢᴏʙᴇʀɴᴀʙʟᴇs Dᴇ Jᴀᴘᴏɴ says:

she's hawt

Mary C. Johansen says:

Great workout. Lots of fun.

nekohirochan says:

I personally don't think this is a CARDIO workout. Cardio should make your heart beat faster and this workout has just a little movement at low peace

Joseph says:

She looks like she could fuck

ahmed Yaseen says:

she is Arabic and the Arabic lady do this type of dance in all parties

shosho911 love says:

I'm arabic we do that all day

Soumya Rabhi says:

I love this kind of dance .

vangelis skandalos says:

Very nice and interesting dance workout. I'm happy to be the first one who comments on this video.

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