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Alex Delora performing at Korea Open Bellydance Championship by Horus and Rhea Kim
MUSIC: Solo de Derbake by Raffi Avakian
Choreography and costume by Alex Delora

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Alex Delora is international performer and choreographer. She is known worldwide by her unique style of dance compositions and spessial technique skills. She is waited guest and welcomed teacher on many festivals around the world . She was sharing her dance life expirience in such countries: Italy, Spain,Portugal, France, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, China, Malaysia, Belorussia and etc.


Tson Akiii-Buua says:

Amazing!Wonderful!Gorgeous!The Goddes!

Titurel says:

soooo sexy….

yossi zangi says:

so pretty and charming woman nice dancer

awais shakir says:

Alex u beautiful but ure talented dance most beautiful amazing techniques .just ask u ure boobs size

Gunjan Rawat says:

Wow! You are so amazing and such superb technique 🙂 Hope to meet you next year, Greetings from India 🙂

R. Rozo says:

You are amazing.

Maritsa DanceStudio says:

Очень круто!

Screen Mix says:

amazing alex !

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