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I don’t own anything in this video. Look how sexy and weird their dance is and look at the host’s reaction. LOL! ENJOY!

Amazing sexy dance J Balvin Tranquila.


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paintedhorse1957 says:

The host must be gay.

Kamesh Pravita says:

What a shameless whore

NexzītevO says:

is this real life?

Zoo Den says:

She is  a fucking bitch id fck her pussy says:

Fuck you guys

WesselvanRensburg says:

what is this woman's name?????

lia george says:

how can anyone compete with women who  look like that?

Scott Fergy says:

OMG what is that woman judge? A dog?  A shipwreck?  whatever it is sure as hell is one ugly ass woman

Adriano Devon says:

lixo igual a tv brasileira

LucisFerre1 says:

She's amazing, but there was no dancing, and the conservative host and gay judges need to just leave.

Arsenal Girl says:

BTW I am a boy

Arsenal Girl says:

all she socking my dick

ssri55 عبوري‎ says:

سليمه صكم

Gleanerman says:

I would f–ck her and wouldn't care if my wife caught me.

Eduardo Zanello says:


антуан пержо says:

клаасс девченка. вдуть бы

GoTunemanGo says:

Animalized Country…they even make sex on the street like cats..

Betty Li says:

sexy girl

Games And Techs says:

shameless peoples

romina zc says:

q asco de vieja q se desnudan enfrente de su papa

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