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Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas dance the Salsa to “Danza Kuduro” by Don Omar f. Lucenzo on Dancing with the Stars’ Season 22 Latin Night!

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dancersingerlover says:

Paige was made to dance Salsa. She has all this energy which, yes sometimes it's a little hectic, but I really loved the chemistry between Alan and Paige. Made this salsa just hot and spicy!!

Ashely 567 says:

I have to admit
Seeing Them I didnt Know who was the professional

Taye Mortty says:

What's this song called??

Ross kelly says:

The bitch won't win. But ginger and val will !!

Sick of Stupid ppl says:

Alan needs to be a Pro…I NEED HIM TO BE A PRO !!!

eliteap says:

lol shes better than him

Anthony Leong says:

Mark does look very jealous.

Dallas Rodriguez says:

This was a fantastic dance. I honestly fealt like it was the best dance of the night

Sweet Soprano says:

What was the score

Kathleen McDowell says:

I've been missing Alan since SYTYCD! I was so bummed when he got cut way back when. He is adorable and charming and sexy and amazingly talented and I have had a total crush for years. Paige did fantastic and she should have gotten higher scores! She is also adorable, charming, sexy and amazingly talented. She also hit those song accents so I don't know what Carry Anne was talking about. Keep kicking assess!

They probably just didn't want to look like they were favouring her because she had to switch partners.

Valerie Grispo says:

wow the chemistry is crazy

Lemon Cream Pie says:

Paige is a firecracker!

Beste Karaca says:

ı love alan&paige more than mark&paige. this dance is hot

AMD FAN says:

Dance for me. Dance for me Paige. And don’t look me in the eye when you dance! – Thug Rose .

MegaMzekezeke says:

Wow indeed

Jannik Andreasen says:

I could stare at her butt all day. She is so freaking hot!

Jillian Kenny says:

We need to see Mark and Paige do this dance at the finale, such amazing choreography!!!

Laura Salvatore says:

They look like pros

Anna Kuria says:

Literally thought she was a pro when I tuned in and this was on.

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