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Awesome Chines Salsa Dance, Cute Baby Couple Romantic Dance, Nice Video, Watch must


Awesomebro Cool says:

Who else thinks China and Japan are fucked up

Ray Omar says:

what is a name of the music

Aylin Tablett says:

süß ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Sunil Singh says:

original one

Abdd BBaa says:

umm its russian gipsy kids not chinese

Himanshu Patel says:

The dance is beautiful and the music is soooo catchy !!

Adina Hawkins says:

aww) cute.

Sa Lin says:

i love this song

Waseem Khan says:

Nice dance

cute baby rimsha khan says:

awesome song and dance…

sneh naithani says:

awesome dance

Liberty Imanuella says:

hey,i'm Indonesian…the singer is Cita citata-sakitnya tuh disini..u can download it on google.

Amit Joshi says:

Can someone tell the name of this beautiful

Yash Shah says:

song name?

mushir ahmad abbasi says:

song is osm

Eruj Saleem says:

So cute

Mohtashim Hasan says:

which song is this ??????????

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