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Shahrzad performs in Montreal hosted by Angelica Jordan. Song: Alf Laylah Wa Laylah by Soraia Zaied’s band.


Gary Kass says:

Shahrzad-can I be your sultan? Great job!!

Chris Owens says:

Pity about the too-powerful light reflecting on your skin. Detracts from the lovely performance.

Shubhi Sharma says:

Amazing,very elegant dancer.

tracey Vivar says:

Lighting sucks, too bad. She's very talented & an athlete for sure.

Maria de Fátima Macedo says:

Muito lindo amei

Riley Nowe says:

I thank god for beautiful belly dancers

Amr Sakr says:

Great performance but very bad director of photography.

cecilda luiza dos santos silva says:

is very só beautiful

‫صهيب المصرى‬‎ says:

like you Shahrzad

karen peñaranda says:

que tema es?


Trés bien

The Mystic Maestro says:

Love it. Absolutely great!

Emriye Merdenoglu says:

Cok güzel fakat niye böyle hep uzaktan cekmisler…?

Belly Dancer Isabella says:

wow wow wow so stunning <3

Billy Green says:

A great version of a great tune, accompanied by a great dancer :)

Gentleman Boehner says:

Wonderful dance, Shahrzad – you're quickly becoming one of my favorite "raqs stars." 🙂

One note however: I think the lighting in this video is doing you a disservice. When you dance in the spotlight, the excessive glare is obscuring your movements and making it difficult to appreciate the intricacies of your style. I'm not sure whether this is a camera issue or whether you can adjust the lighting of your performances, but I think you and your audience will agree that your talent deserves the benefit of being seen in the best possible light. 🙂

Keep up the good work!

Leup Garu Estayo says:

she put me in trance and now I will subscribe……………………………. :D

Pablo Zavaleta Luna Victoria says:

Who is that pretty girl?

Rafeel Benda says:

I love belly dance specially I try to watch it live,oh I will become crazy.hurraaaaaaaa 

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