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Deepak Sharma says:

awsm! love this.

Niti Singh says:

she feel the music…and she dance like amazing…. I love her dancing…

ayadaniya mohdnoor says:


Sheraz Malik says:

Beautiful I have seen all dance and competitions.. My favorite.

Imran Khan says:

My Dream girl…..

entertainment entertainment says:

Meher Malik ur booty lies but u need 2 lay on the floor in front of me bec i like ur sexy booty

ram gaikwad says:

very hot & amazing Dancer

manish jain Jainn says:

really u r very beautiful very hot dancer

Anantika Mehra says:

Great use of the beats!

Petya Radkova says:

Very beautiful woman!!! Amazing dancer!!!

chitra dura says:

soo beautiful belly dance.. i love her dance.. so smoothly body moving.. and her face expression also so cute lol :)

Mohammad Nasir says:

So Sweet….

Nguyen Dao says:

What is the name of the song please?

Jps Bisht says:

very good pergormnce

Anand Yadav says:

hot :* mehar

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