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Alexander Shchukin showed really beautiful and powerful pole-dance

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lurksindarkness says:

What is this song called?

Fernando Ongkeko says:

wow… this guy is amazing… i've never seen someone does that.. it is so freaking beautiful…did he win the competition coz he should… the music, his moves, this is really WOW…

Bltch Erica says:

I know it's impressive, but why are the women crying?

mindxcircus says:

what a beautiful pole dancing skill he has along with his selection of music… very moving!

Cami Alves says:

I just LOVE this, please tell me he's on instagram? I need to see more <3 What incredible control and fluidity. This is the kind of inspiration I need :)

Blockhead V.I.P says:


Grell Sutcilff says:

but can he do it in my bedroom

Tasty Fish says:

Why doesn't he wear bikini ?.

deutsche traveller says:


Ieva Jachimaviciute says:

very impressive and beautiful to watch.

Ieva Jachimaviciute says:

very impressive and beautiful to watch.

Mikashii says:

he mades the movements look so soft and easy to make

Igor Melnikov says:


PhysalisFranchetti says:

I think this guy is too good – I can't get away from the feeling that I am watching something that is computer generated, and no-one actually has this much body strength! Surreal reactions from the judges and audiences…..

Ave Satanas Ave Domini Inferni says:

Ojj ale slodki)

Iam Paul says:

why were people crying what did the song says???

Carmen A Scheid says:


jraybay says:

Why everybody has the strangest reactions while watching him? :/

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