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Channing Tatum Booty Pops Like Beyonce & Twirls Like Elsa ►►
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Channing Tatum may know how to twerk like Beyonce and twirl like Elsa from ‘Frozen’, but his wife Jenna just showed him up with her sexy dance moves.

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Jas Cantu says:

perfect match.. lucky guys

Leon Speelt says:

my name is jeff

Genelle Campbell says:

They're so hot and cute I wanna vomit lol

‫سيف السيف‬‎ says:

I'm a man of God. But that shit is hot

Sylvia Chu says:

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83Jude says:

Peeping tom alert!
Now we are wondering when cam's off. LMAO*

Natalie Artis says:

I think tatums

Rhetz L Naj says:

Channing Tatum Q

kathy brody says:

Jenna tore it up!!! WOW!!!!

Nancy Meeks says:

I watched this when it came on television, like I was eagerly waiting for this to come on, lol. When I watch Jenna dance to Ginuwine song I thought I was going to die her chiseled abs painted on, lol she totally worked his ass

Stormie sky says:

UGHHH i just want to watch the full video of channing Tatum without people talking over it I have been up for hours looking

tibby pintens says:

Jenna is the BOMB!

Yohan Parmanand says:

omg! damn! Jenna won that battle hands down!

Janasia Burleson says:

lol yesss jenna

Dennis VJC says:

Freaking Hooooooooooooooot! She did a great job with the impression and those abs!!! Well doneJenna!

Trinity Farmer says:

ugh duh Channing tatum

Khaiya Drawhorn says:

bruh like she didnt care she did her thing and she just did what she was shown and did a great job at it

Barb K. says:

Channing who????? Jenna by far!!!! :)

Charlotte S says:

Channing Tatum I love him

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