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Flying Dance Company
16 Wyndham Street North, 3rd Floor
Guelph, Ontario, N1H 4E5

Salsa Dance Performance with Kelly and Nico from the Flying Dance Company


krasngorec73 says:

-Где сальса? Бачата и хастл.

Carlos Bregante says:

this is not salsa

Jose Serraty says:

this is bachata
not salsa

robert miller says:

skip the video up to 0:27 and mute it and play suavemente by nayer and u just made it better

theactress89 says:

Never seen a hybrid performance before? Bachata = 1st song, salsa = 2nd.

jenny huerta says:

this is bachata you fuck.

Dewisolihat says:

very interesting

PMACake says:

The first 1:47 Minutes is bachata and the rest of it is kind of a salsa dance!

thebrokenrose says:

this is bachata oh wait theres some salsa haha nice weeppppaaaa

thebrokenrose says:

this is bachata

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