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Ataca y La Alemana dance to Frankie Ruiz – Lo Dudo at 2015 DC Bachata Congress.


peruzzi61 says:

dos atorrantes…..nada en el cerebro…..dos burros..

Wander Rodriguez De La Rosa says:

los chicos estan fuerte nunca vi a dos hombres bailar salsa hasta ahora

Thais Damasceno says:

too bad! The first time I disliked them. Plus they are using some 'classic" movements from most of their bachata choreographies and excessive turnings.They danced as if they were dancing bachata, please -_- The guys behind them are much better!

Алексей Неважно says:

Кто-нибудь заметил педиков на заднем плане?

ZykO MM says:

quisiera ver el son que tienen si far mucha vuelta

Danitsa Cornejo Zavalaga says:

They're a good dancers, but they're better in BACHATA <3
Where they give classes

crafty4u says:

OMG… everybody is a critic! I would love to see some of the people that made certain negative comments about their dancing, dance. Please keep in mind, this is social dancing, not choreographed. They did just fine:) I know they are phenomenal bachata dancers ,too. With a body like that, you call that being pregnant? Come on!! BTW: This is not the first time I have seen men dancing in videos, specially Salsa!

Adeline Anger says:

The guys sayin "they are better in bachata", you should watch other Youtube salsa videos with them… !!!

kevin acherry says:

No se quien carajo les dijo a esos dos que bailan Salsa, Los he visto bailar bachata y lo hacen regular..!!!

Javier Fernandez says:

la rompen bailando los dos de atras…

Rose Nunez says:

la mejor pareja me encanta

Angeles Camacho says:

Es on2, mas suave y el estilo de ellos siempre es algo basico pero muy bien echo en mi opinion.

Fiorella Durand says:

No se puede ver el video!!!!!! Pongalo pleaseeeee

Barbara Santos says:

me encanta como bailan son mis favoritos pero major sigan bailando bachata en la salsa como q no les queda…pero los amo

jessjay423 says:

You all are so entertaining to watch! I love how La Alemana smiles when she's dancing, goes to show she's having fun! love them

jessjay423 says:

I saw the couple dancing behind them too….

Anna Prim says:

Очень люблю этих танцоров.

adrienne moreno adrienne moreno says:

is she pregnant? ???

Mijail Jimenez says:

Alguien mas vio bailar a esos 2 chicos detrás o solo yo………………

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