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Watch Why These Girls Made Controversies After Uploading Their S3xy Dance Video!

We all know for the fact that in the old tradition of the Philippines, Filipinos are one of the most conservative type of people. But as the modern generation comes, a lot of changes are uncontrollably happening now together with how people dress, talk, and even in their actions.

Usual thing, ladies should always wear long dress to cover their skin and it is to avoid any unwanted scurrilous event. And as early as possible before night comes, everyone must be at their homes. But, its very sad to see that those things are now fading. Just what this video shows.

These young girls on the video will let us all think what is going on in our new society. They are dancing like its not normal to their age. Although the girls are good in dancing but for the others its a bit seductive. This video is now circulating online and people are starting to give their reaction. What can you say about it?

I gave credit to the owner


Lord Christopher Ayco says:

Ang ganda nung naka pink

jay lacia says:

hahahhaa lol………..

Joan Perez says:

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Gary says:

1 princess 1 beauty queen

Evangeline Gutierrez says:

puta lol

Arvin Jamili says:

Sarap maka sex yung Naka pink

MMoRpG Palenzuela says:

xxx sexy

john christopher bernardo says:

gago may bata

Joe Pajuyo says:

add nyo ko sa facebook name ko haroto zacara

Nick Prince says:

Ang sarap nun naka pink anong name nya? gusto ko siyang makantot

Ace Gomez says:

Hilig nyo sa fuck u girls lagi siguro kayo pin finger pudgy nyo ba

Ace Gomez says:

Sarap kumadyot ng nka pink

Vanessa Cabrera says:

Idol kita ng sumasayaw ng sexy

Vanessa Cabrera says:

I want to sex you pink in bed

joey bautista says:

pwede kong pagsabayin tong dalawang to hehe

Januarrosalesdu Creator says:

Hi sa dalawang girl na nasayaw pa add naman

sunny cheng says:

Girl in pink need ass fuck

Wilzone Masangya says:

ayos . tga kau mga aye

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