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Sabit Drenova says:

because I'm girl

Sabit Drenova says:

we're she get these amazing clothing and mostly I love love love Arabic BELLY DANCING And ARABIC SONG'S

Abi G.G. says:

I see why my father watches belly dancers

Sonia Mara Ferreira De Gouveia Dos Santos. says:


Elizabeth Plotnick says:

In addition to the name of the dancer, please tell us the style of the dance, where the dance was performed and when, if possible. Thank you.

Jahangir Zadeh says:

Al Fantastico

LAsmith9212 says:

I'm in love with her costume, the music, and her dance style! I just wanna learn more from all the great belly dancers!

Anum Khan says:

0:34 nice hair flip

Andreia Lima says:

Alla Kushnir o/ #Diva

sharon dianne says:

Alla Kushnir is a famous Belly Dancer. She's the best one

Kitty Kat says:

A lot of the belly dancing routines are monotonous but this young lady was not.
Her dance routine was great from start to finish.
She is a very talented little girl.

Kate “Dancing in the Northwoods” Snow says:

Truly amazing!

Sangeeta Oedit says:

PUSSY CAT [email protected]!

snmkytkn says:

She is Alla Kushnir.

mauricio ortega says:


Genie Nakano says:

she is definitely amazing…olympic belly dancer. They are getting stronger by the days. Guess you tube helps.

Jessica Cedeño says:

es una bailarina increíble. con un cuerpo hermoso.

Fatima Sy says:

Who is this?

Ali Awil says:

she is good Styled

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