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Shahrzad performing at the LVDBI in Las Vegas September 2014
Music: ‘Shakira’ by Tony Chamoun
Videography: Candlelight Productions


Vinod Bommera says:

super dance

Feruza Mirzalieva says:

so beautiful

anamika rani says:

fabulous fantastic and rocking perfomance

Thisha Verdin says:

wuuuuo exelente

MALAICA hipstories says:

unique <3 :*

Thea Dark says:

WHOA!!!!!!!. WHO IS THIS?!

Abdul Rahman says:

you are just #superb #shahrzad

Sunda Banget says:

very very nice dance and great dance

Наталья Громова says:

bravo!! 🙂 super dance!

Ly Lateef says:

Sensacional! Parabéns, habibah!

jasminmaria2 says:

Olá! from Brazil. good move.

Marie M says:


Elena Perova says:

Amazing! :)

im_batgirl says:

Love the fact that your not typically thin. Great body and performance. We need more veluptious dancers. :)

Shar C (SC) says:

Oh my gosh, what an incredible performance!!! applause applause applause
You're one of my top fave belly dancers from now on! That was just amazing!!! Beautiful! Flawless! 

coralis delmar says:

love it!

erika kaufman5 says:

Awesome! My mother used to belly dance and she would have enjoyed watching you.

Belly Dancer Isabella says:

very very good and beautiful! =)

Karma Karmelita says:

SO kickass!

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