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© 2014 The Bleand Style Producers, LLC

For more information visit us at Www.BleandStyle.Com

About The Bleand Style Producers, Inc.

The company Bleand Style Producers was founded by Luis Alfredo Silverio [Luigui Bleand], Newton Smith Matos, in 2008, but was released three years later after signing a distribution agreement with Squad Music. Months later, the companies broke contracts, so Bleand Style Producers was obliged to halt operations until 2013, when the company resumed its reign in the entertainment industry after Luis Silverio Exit EMI America. The label started working immediately in 2013. Luis Silverio retook the company together with a second partner, Juan Jose Guzman, so Bleand Style Producers becomes one of the stamps with older recordings published total success Dominican local music for a new stamp on the music market. Currently the label has partnerships with Sony, Warner and Universal Music, but all recordings distributed independently.


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