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Lots of requests for this one 😉
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Shaden Abuzed says:

you are so talanted keep up

Alexia Yearty says:

Wow. Thinking of the muscles needed to do those things you must be in top physical form! Color me impressed!

Jade Eden says:

exotic dancing always amazes me. true art form.

Julia Cupcake says:

this is something i always wanted to learn

Audree St-Jacques says:

Artistically talking this is extremely good. You got a talent darling 🙂 Elegant, complex and really great looking. +inspiring me art.

Shaszify says:

+Ava Madison Ava…..oh my goodness….this piece right here was absolute poetry….wow, such beauty and grace and flow. I am very happy that you were true to the mood of the music and stuck to choreography rather than just focusing on looking sexy (which of course you undoubtedly are 😉 ) on the pole. What some people say here is true. You were born for this. Keep it up and yes, I will definitely be following more of you! Much love.

VeniVidiVici 1964 says:

ugly shoes, no ned for them, no sexy.

Someone 89 says:

I'm SOO lesbian right now. Very sexy, good luck :)

Rhonda says:

I don't normally like pole dancing but this was really good

52 Skillz says:

I tried this once, and ended up with bruises everywhere and half of my leg hair pulled it out….respect.

Jéssica Vinuto says:

Arrasoooooou, linda! Adorei

Melanie Nope says:


geeklette99 says:

Holy shit, that was amazing! You're so good at this!

Nancy Orellana says:

Where you recomend me to buy pole dancer heels? I love your gold heels!!

ChandrikaBharat972 says:

Amazing. .
you are a beautiful dancer. .

Milton Deal says:

Beautiful!!!!! Nice body!!! very strong, you make it look easy!!!!! I wish i had a girlfriend who would pole dance like that, i would watch her and be supportive of her. I bet it's quite a workout! I love it!

Kiki North says:

wow beautifully done. I give you a 10+ you dance with sooo much style! looove it!!!!!

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