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The drum solo clip from a 30 minute set I did at an incredible wedding in Hamilton, Ontario.
One of the best audiences/set of guests ever. I had so much fun. I also love the gentleman in the wheelchair in this clip. Dance isn’t only in our feet or bodies, but also in our spirits. It really impacted me and meant a lot. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom. All the best to them.
Drum solo is Karshilagala by Issam Houshan.
Costume is by Eshta Amar.

For booking inquiries please feel free to email me at [email protected]
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I do NOT own the music used in this performance. Artist is credited. I am not making profit from this video. My YouTube is not monetized, no Copyright infringement intended.


Ilyas Murad khan says:


Iskandar 8888 says:


Dina Eirlys says:


Nocturnal Couture says:

wow. you are absolutely amazing!!!

3nveer Malik says:

crazy dance

Layaq Zada Armani says:

Wow Mast Dance Cassendra Fox

Julyetta Capello says:

блин столько жира ей нужна липоксация

CristinaWithoutAn H says:

The dude in the pink shirt got them moves! Like wow xD

Neha VERMA says:

very nice beautiful dance i like it's so much

sishir talukder says:


Shiv Soni says:

very nic

rafee zafer says:

العرب جرب .. خلوها ترقص بحالها يا بهايم

ahmed hassan says:

ما علينا من الفيديو هو الراجل العلق دا بيعمل ايه كده ؟

Marryokes says:

Amazing, that was a gorgeous film – what a fantastic wedding.

Susan Abraham says:

How do you do what you do, Cassandra Fox? 🙂 You're so talented and fantastic with your bellydance. Really enjoyed your performance. Thank you.


very nice dance

Shivani mudgal says:

I like ur belly dance

Saira Tokdemir says:

This performance made me smile. I have now chosen this music to dance to at a wedding next week. The dancer brings the spirit of bellydance to this wedding. I think it works for these guests.

Ajay Sarkar says:

i like your belly dancing thank you Dear

Raewyn Moke says:

I thought She looked beautiful. I didnt know your educational back ground dictated that what was tasteful and what was not?? The bride looked like she was enjoying herself. And so did everyone else. Beautifully done I thought.

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