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My belly dance improvisation to the beautiful song Amarain by Amr Diab =)
Actually I find it really difficult dancing to a no tipical arabic belly dance song like this but it is much fun anyway =)

My boyfriend always has such creative ideas for my videos and photos..I am so happy that he supports me so much, does all the videos and photos for me and is always here to motivate me to continue with belly dancing and my videos =)


Ive Lina says:

Amazing Dancer, go ahead , you are really good .

Taylorvision745 says:

love her costume.

Felix Sandoval says:

Isabella very beautiful your dance

Fname Lname says:

like a butterfly

Viagem No Tempo says:

Vou parar de ver os vídeos dessa, mulher se não vou ficar doente.

Viagem No Tempo says:

Meu Deus, estou até com te-são. Que menina linda.

Tavga Hawrame says:

enjoyable belle dance

Neko Beilschmidt says:

You're awesome!!! Greetings from Mexico

†GuArDiAnAnGeL†™ says:

wow, mind blowing! ;L)

aaliyah Cuffy says:

u are truly bless wit a gift

aaliyah Cuffy says:

she is a amazing

Janelle X says:

She does make it look easy. I would like to know where that is located also..looks like Sweden or something

M/Doc. McClockE says:

very exquisite,  your so colorful and inspiring.   spread the love dear Isabelle and thank you for your talented shares. cheers

Franc Tales says:

Fantastic Isabella — luv the new dance improve … very energetic — Always love your captivating smile — May you always keep smiling – forever — :-)

Myriam Seguel says:


Surya Ajjarapu says:

Awesome,very graceful

fatima c says:

beautiful dance can you make another video that shows step by step? thx

Hjored says:

your hair !!!!!! i like so much

Fname Lname says:

gorgeous , you should have million subscribers .. people dont know such a beautiful woman can dance in an even more beautiful way ..
your dance is beautiful , you are beautiful

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