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Let’s put Tina to the test with a solo challenge at DANCE FILTHY!

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Tina is shooting with the Tamron 16-300mm lens.
Tamron Australia are giving one a week here:

Thanks to Pole Dance Academy for letting us come shoot the event.

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Matt Granger says:

Let’s put Tina to the test with a solo challenge at DANCE FILTHY!

Joel Aparicio says:

+Matt Granger Hey at one point before the heath concern popped up their was
supposed to be a nude portraiture contest for the month of April, I have
two models that I have previously worked with that have been banging down
my door to do it and I told them that I thought it was cancelled due to
your surgery. It this true? Or perhaps we could have a month long
extension and run it thru May for us that were more worried about you then
the contest. Just an idea.

vnitto says:

This is an odd relationship, she goes to a strip club and he stays at home
and strokes his pussy.

eshrecords says:

Fuck, that cat is too small.

breakaleg10 says:

Matt Granger has become Ernst Stavro Blofeld?

simianinc says:

Can you tell me what camera was used to make the video?

Cory Piontek says:

Should have given you a Sony A7S for that lighting.

Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials By says:

This was so awesome that i just looked up pole dancing classes around where
i live and i am going to email them and ask if i can take some photos for


A Printezis says:

Aha.. someone is filming with an Inspire !!!

George Pop says:

The event was cool but the lighting in there is horrendous, and I think
it’s very hard to get decent photos in that environment, I used to do club
photography so I know how that feels. Aside from that, when the girls were
far away then Tina should’ve used the long zoom lens Matt gave her and when
the girls were closer then she can use the wide angle lens. It’s really
that simple, you choose what lens to use based on how far away your subject
is, I think she did a good job, not sure if she got enough photos that
turned out well. From an event such as this one where there’s lots of
action you probably need to shoot 300+ photos and hope to get at least
40-50 decent ones.

gewglesux says:

You should be resting…. Don’t let me have to repeat myself Mr.

Thank you so much.. to your health!

Preston House says:

An event like that is no easy task. Bad lighting, colored lights, constant
motion, limited angles because of the crowd…etc. The fact that she though
her way through it and was able to get the shots she did shows she really
rose to the challenge. Well done!

William Salopek says:

Loved it. Very enjoyable. Great production…very smooth and professional
(was that a drone in the first scene?). This episode was reasonably close
to shooting sports in difficult lighting…really pushes the camera to it’s
max performance. (Seems like a fast prime or two or the Tamron 17-50 2.8
would have been useful?). Excellent job Tina and Matt (really liked Matt’s
persona in the chair). Also kudos to the production crew. Very well done.

Chris Reuter says:

Felt like a GTA IV Intro.

Eli Corman says:

OMG, these girls are so hot.

Paul Saulnier says:

Tina needs to learn holding a camera with a huge lens

Rodrigo Perez says:

I’d like to see how the A7s performs in that situations. 

Rick Max says:

hope u r doing well now Matt… Matt, how about some nightscape? milky way,
different constellations, etc. photography for Tina…

Nandor Zsiros says:

Cute Black Kitty for President! =)

hawg427 says:

Good jobTina 🙂 Very hard venue to shoot in, so many diff. lights. Hey
Matt, I loaded LR 5 for the First time on my Mac & now when I insert my SD
card to download photos it want’s to still go straight into my iPhoto
program. When I loaded LR I did not notice any sections asking me if I
wanted it to be my main Photo program 🙁 Any suggestions? Anyone?

Derek Watson says:

only one more :(

Denzel van Lent says:

Best job in the world award

David QuikPic says:

Well done Tina!!! Great video, tough venue to shoot with the challenges
with lighting and motion but you did very well. Good info for all of us
regarding changing perspectives. Get well soon Matt. Miss you and love the
kitty cat!

Chris S says:

hope you get to feeling better soon if your not already love your Channel

cadmus777 says:

I actually thought the shot at 19:30 was really good, not one of the worst
ones! The argument about skinfolds doesn’t really even come into it, as it
was just a little on the back. I doubt even the performer would be unhappy
about that…

dvdragon says:

Really helpful. I learned a lot of things mentioned here the hard way.

Michael Zola says:

This was an excellent shoot +Matt Granger Great job Tina! Hope you
recover quickly Matt. A lot of quick but extremely useful tips put to
use, that we have been learning on the channel.. It was a excellent way for
her to get out there and put her skills to the test, as some live indoor
events tend to be most challenging. Brilliant mission to send Tina on, so
entertaining and educational! ps: that was the smallest kitten i’d ever
seen! Great doctor evil, haha

David Slone says:

“No one wants a wonky pole.” Hehe.

Sean Reed says:

Matt claims he doesn’t know the venue? I don’t buy it! Jk, get better soon
Matt! Great job, Tina!

pscully1969 says:

Good job Tina! You made out well in a difficult shooting environment. (at
4:30, it looks like Loki was napping)

randomgeocacher says:

Uhm can Mat see the future? … Event photography can be very hard.
Accessibility, crowd behavior etc.

December Sounds says:

Quick question for you experienced photogs. I just got a tasty
DSLR…should I chop it up for some stir fry or down it raw with salad?

Just kidding. Do you think $9.99 a month for Adobe CC Commons Photography
is worth it or do you think I should just purchase an older version of
Lightroom? I want to become good enough at photography to make my friends,
family, and strangers at swanky dinner parties really jealous but not
enough to make industry waves…thank you..

JazzXP says:

Wow, inspired to use some of my contacts to shoot a pole event now!

Michael Morlote says:

Whoa! Nice intro! :)

Redzo79 says:

Cmon, tell us how often do you “educate” Tina per week ?

Zendail says:

What camera is that? d7200 7100?

Nico Ramirez says:

What tablet do you have Tina?

Andy Gong says:

Why are you holding a kitty? LOL

Nigel Holland says:

Good work! Tina! Would have liked to see you get some shots from the pole

Ilia Kogosov says:

The kitty appearance is genius!!

Bitmongol says:

Cutest cat EVER :-)

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