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Pest Control Does Harlem Shake, Sexy? Its New Its original. Best Harlem Shake ever? Jg Pest control from London, United Kingdom show how Sexy Funny Harlem Shake should be, original stuff, excellent work. you like? love harlem shake.


James Gale says:

Thanks Simon, we think so too! So worth the effort.

Josh Linaker says:

That is FUCKING amazing. Lads.

Stefano Draper says:

Just another day at the best pest control company in London!!!

James Gale says:

Just love it… love love it. Video Responses Welcomed!!

cupcakeheaven38 says:

I can see myself im in the cow suit

Georgia Mersh says:

Aha so good xx

sphebry says:

LOVE this. well done boys <3

Alex Smith says:

Hahaha!! One of the best shakes ever. Go Dangermouse!!

James Gale says:

martindale58 which one are you?

Simon Williams says:

Best video ever !

martindale58 says:

I wos in that

Liz A says:

that looks like town and country’s bed bug dog

Callum Gale says:

This is wicked! So much fun

Sam Devereux says:

What a great night!! Lols all round.

nathan croucher says:

Still cracking me up. I’ve watched it about 20 times in the last hour! uh
hum i mean no I haven’t i’m working!! lol

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